Christopher Michael's Agent Profile

REALTOR® Christopher Michael's Bio, Vision & Mission Statement

I'm your agent with two first names who left Texas shortly after graduating high school in 1985, searching for greener pastures. Several prairies later, I settled into the field of Cosmetology where I enjoyed twenty-five years of success.  In that peaceful meadow I met and married the love of my life, Diane.  Shortly thereafter, I began researching the real estate market in terms of investing in rental property.  In the process, I discovered a passion for real estate that supersedes my pleasure in styling hair.  I joined RE/MAX Preferred Properties in 2015 and have been honored to receive several accolades for performance: Executive Club 2016, 100% Club 2017, Five Star Professional Award 2018.

My Vision: Being the most referred Realtor in a world where two values always come first:  Truth and Equality.

My Mission: Providing superior real estate services grounded in Truth, and the same superior service to All.